Thursday, April 4, 2013

This blog

This blog is not a collection of beautifully photographed moments.

This blog is not filled with clothing that cost more than my phone bill.

This blog doesn't have recipes.

This blog is me.

It is imperfect and pieced together. It is whatever I can muster from exhaustion or share from joy. It is my panic and my reverie.

It changes texture, tone and interest the same way my mind, body and soul have. It is an invitation in and yet as far as some will get but it is here. I am here. I am here to create, to crumple it up and say "fuck it" and start again. I am here to reach out into a great expanse and hope that I pull back something to know we are all still moving together in this.

This blog is human.

I have clung to words and found truth in them when everything else is a question. And so I write.

I write for here. I write for this place. I write for there and then and why and how and fuck and yes and him and


This blog is me.

And I hope it is as imperfect and present and filled with the truth it took to create it.

1 comment:

  1. Well what an eloquent way to describe it! I think a lot of bloggers (including me!) relate to this very much. :)