Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Fondue

Back when I was writing over at Lullabies, I was doing a weekly roundup of links that I titled Friday Fondue. I sort of miss doing it so I figured I'd bring it back here.

A friend on Facebook shared this the other day and it is too good to not share again. Ladies and gents- Christopher Walken reading Where The Wild Things Are

Fellow Tucsonan and vintage stylist extraordinaire, Sydney Ballesteros of Golden Girl of the West does it again with a photo shoot that makes me think "this is what Megan Draper would look like if she went to Vegas." Check it out here

Speaking of Megan Draper (can you tell I've been stoked on Mad Men's new season finally gracing us with it's presence on Sunday nights again?), Buzzfeed gives you 11 reasons to love her. And I have to agree. 

It's near Summer in the Ol' Pueblo (our Springs are really more Summer-lite) and the Stevie Nicks wannabe inside of me can't help but find these outfits perfect. One, two, three and four.

If you're looking for a nice summer cocktail, Refinery 29 has you covered

I can't get enough risotto, so naturally this recipe was drooled over

As the mother to a son, Rebecca's post on letting boys be sensitive (and the stigma of them being called "weak" for it), hit home. It is so important that we raise empathetic, caring individuals in a world that experiences such harshness these days. 

And now, off to try and capture as much as of the weekend as possible. Cheers!


  1. If you like risotto...We just had this the other night, and it is AMAZING:

  2. I'm late to this post, and now I'm losing many work hours clicking your links. THANKS.

    No, but really, thanks. ;D

  3. @elb- That looks freaking AMAZING! I'll have to get the boyfriend to make it since I can barely cook (I lost my groove, I need to get it back).

    @Cammilla- I aim to please!