Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Help Out "Wild Things: Burlesque Beauties & The Pets They Love"

 Burlesque happens to be a hobby of mine (albeit a sporadic one, but one nonetheless) and I am also the roommate/BFF to local performer, Pisa Cake. In between life we have rhinestoned into the early morning, performed and even traveled (Burlycon ‘11, WUT!) together in the name of our beloved craft. So when she gets FEATURED IN A BOOK I have to cosign that shit and buy like five copies. BUT! There will be no books to look lovely on my coffee table if the goal funds are not raised. So, I’m asking you for help. Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated! I am unable to hug through the interwebs but know that I am sending virtual hugs of thanks.

Tony Marisco’s Kickstarter for the project can be found here

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  1. Hey thanks so much! Book came out and is available here: